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ODI Pharma's vision

ODI Pharma Group (“ODI”) was founded in 2018 with the goal to improve patients access to medicinal cannabis. Based on its European network, subsidiaries and partners, ODI is a producer of pharmaceutical cannabis finished products under governmental supervision and regulation with a focus on distribution to medicinal markets, initially targeting Poland. ODI’s products are to be sold to clients and patients through ODI's relationships to wholesale medical distributors representing nearly all of Poland’s hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. ODI does not strive to cultivate the raw product itself, but decided to team up with the global leaders in the industry to source highest quality product for ODI’s brand, thereby ensuring reliability, consistency and professionalism.

Our Team

Derek Simmross, CEO and Member of the Board


Derek Simmross, born 1968, has a long background within trading and management of companies. He has 15 years of experience as a Treasury advisory in sectors such as mining, telecom and banking and more than 24 years of derivative trading experience. Mr. Simmross has founded a hedge fund with more than 100 million US dollar in commitments. Mr. Simmross has 11 years of working in private equity and organizing capital raising, M&A and strategy design through Public Offerings. The private equity group he worked with was among the first in medical cannabis in the US and recently completed the largest IPO in the industry history.

Volker Wiederrich, Chairman of the Board


Volker Wiederrich, born 1980, has an extensive background in investment and asset management across multiple asset classes. Mr. Wiederrich has 11 years of experience advising one of the biggest financial institutions of Europe on fund investments in real estate fund investments, as well as 10 years as Chief Investment Officer for an advisory firm for infrastructure and real estate within a global capacity. Mr. Wiederrich advised on more than 500 million USD in investments and was managing multiple fund of funds products during his career. Volker graduated with a MSc. in Economics.

Karina Kilinski, Member of the Board


Karina Kilinski has 13 years of experience trading commodities and goods between Poland and Germany/Switzerland, as well as 11 years of running local Polish production and distribution companies. Mrs. Kilinski also has 12 years of funding and running online trading and retail sales businesses.

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