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01. What is medicinal cannabis?

Medicinal Cannabis

Today, medicinal cannabis is a catch-all term for anything from dried cannabis flowers, cannabis oils, capsules, tablets, oromucosal spray and so on. But common to all of these product types is that they contain either parts of the cannabis plant, active substances from the plant or synthetic cannabinoids, and that they are used to alleviate illness.

The main difference though between medicinal cannabis and other products derived from the plant is that medicinal cannabis is produced in order to tackle the effects and/or side effects of a very broad range of ailments. Medicinal cannabis is specifically produced to be applied to fight a specific set of ailments. A lot of research has been carried out in order to determine which specific genetics of the plant varieties is best suited to achieve these goals.

To do so, medicinal cannabis is produced under strict medical controls, in secured and controlled environments complying with the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Medicinal cannabis ensures that patients can rely on the quality, consistency and effectiveness of their medication.

ODI Pharma provides medicinal cannabis that complies with the highest standards available in the global pharmaceutical market.

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