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How to invest in ODI

Unlocking Opportunities:

ODI Pharma AB - the Prime Choice for Investors in the Rapidly Expanding Medical Cannabis Market.

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There are multiple ways how to invest with us

The ODI Pharma AB stock started trading on 23rd January 2020 on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm.

ODI Pharma AB Stock ticker: ODI

ISIN Code: SE0013409760




Who can buy the shares of ODI Pharma?

Investors living in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) have a selection of Nordic banks and brokers that support trade with ODI Pharma shares. International investors can buy the stock on the exchange in Frankfurt where ODI is listed as well. Please refer to the link below to Spotlight's member list of participating banks/brokers or go directly to your bank's website to buy the share. It is not possible to trade ODI Pharma shares directly with Spotlight Stock Market. All trade should be executed via a bank or broker that has an agreement with Spotlight Stock Market. 

Investors living in other European countries can trade ODI Pharma shares through other brokers/dealers. Please contact your bank. Please notice that some of the banks on the member list have global representation and/or welcome international investors on their trading platforms.

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