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Empowering Health

ODI Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specialized in medicinal cannabis.

Since 2018 - with the goal to improve patients' lives.

Based on its European network, subsidiaries and partners, ODI is a producer and representative of pharmaceutical cannabis finished products under governmental supervision and regulation with a focus on distribution to medicinal markets, initially targeting Eastern Europe. Currently, ODI has distribution contracts representing supply contracts to 14,000+ pharmacies, hundreds of specialty clinics and multiple hospitals. We strive to provide consistent high quality, medical grade pharmaceuticals that fulfill strictest market standards. Our team is dedicated and committed to support the medical industry to implement the evolution of medicinal cannabis.

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Our Mission

It is ODI's mission to promote and make the product available to patients in need in a controlled environment to prevent any negative side effects. The cannabis plant was neglected in the pharmaceutical industry for a period too long. We support additional research to improve the safeness of usage of the product even further. 

ODI Pharma AB - prime choice for your investment

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Our Values





At ODI Pharma, we believe that there can be no value creation without the founding values that guide our action and form the basis of our corporate culture.

The ability to invest in people to improve relationship and moral standards as well as purely technical standards has proved highly positive. It is simple values, such as kindness, compassion, empathy, availability, trust and educational support, that give ODI Pharma the reputation, just as much as performance in terms of skills and expertise.

We strive to make all our products available to those who are in need in order to live a full and enjoyable life.

Our success is based on expertise. Expertise is the cornerstone of ODI Pharma. It is applied in the selection of our business partners, research partners and all our financial decisions. There are no short-cuts in a developing an industry. Thorough due diligence and project evaluation is key to succeed in our industry.


Expertise drives us to maintain and improve our status through training, research and continuing education. We share our expertise with our clients so our clients don’t have to invest in building infrastructure.


ODI Pharma is viewed as the team who leads the evolution of a regulated medicinal cannabis market in Europe.

ODI Pharma puts high emphasis on the support of the dynamic medical cannabis market, its market participants, but first and foremost our clients, patients and medical practitioners.

We are continuously supporting research projects to better understand the product and the development of new applications.

Communication is an essential quality that ODI Pharma strives to apply to its day-to-day operations.

Medicinal Cannabis

Today, medicinal cannabis is a catch-all term for anything from dried cannabis flowers, cannabis oils, capsules, tablets, oromucosal spray and so on. But common to all of these product types is that...

Our Service for your Brand

Are you interested in diversifying your product portfolio and seeking a reliable partner with extensive experience? We're here to support you. With our White Label service, we, as seasoned experts, can assist by delivering top-quality products for your brand.We take pleasure in offering customized solutions for your brand. Get in touch with us to explore the potential collaboration opportunities. 

Why working
with us ? 

  • Multiple years of experience

  • Sourcing the highest Quality raw materials 

  • Process according to EU-GMP & GDP 

  • Awarded for highest quality of the Products 

  • Quick and transparent process

  • Made in EU

  • After sales support 

  • Attractive prices and flexible paying terms 

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