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Committed to delivering highest quality pharmaceutical products to our clients and patients.

Our Vision

ODI Pharma AB aims to provide European pharmaceutical markets with highest quality Medicinal Cannabis through its network of cultivation partners who meet highest standards in production. Currently ODI has distribution contracts representing supply contracts to 14,000+ pharmacies, hundreds of specialty clinics and multiple hospitals.

We strive to provide consistent high quality, medical grade pharmaceuticals that fulfill strictest market standards. Our team is dedicated and committed to support the medical industry to implement the evolution of medicinal cannabis.

Board of ODI Pharma AB

Value 01.


At ODI Pharma, we believe that there can be no value creation without the founding values that guide our action and form the basis of our corporate culture.

The ability to invest in people to improve relationship and moral standards as well as purely technical standards has proved highly positive. It is simple values, such as kindness, compassion, empathy, availability, trust and educational support, that give ODI Pharma the reputation, just as much as performance in terms of skills and expertise.

We strive to make all our products available to those who are in need in order to live a full and enjoyable life.

Executive Team

Derek Simmross

Derek Simmross


Member of the Board

Volker Wiederrich

Volker Wiederrich

Chairman of the Board

Karina Kilinski



Sales Director

Member of the Board

Gösta Lidén



Independent Member of the Board

Dr. Markus Fritzsche

Dr. Markus Fritzsche

Research Director

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